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The Smart Choice for Tenant Screening

Welcome to ClearScreening’s newest way to screen: SmartScreen. SmartScreen is a revolutionary means of screening potential tenants without having to collect any sensitive consumer information. SmartScreen uses a direct connection with TransUnion to have the renter input their own information rather than having to pass it to the landlord who would then pass it to ClearScreening.

This new method of screening ensures the safety of the renter’s personal information, provides fraud prevention measures to both the renter and the landlord, and also protects the landlord from accusations of improperly using/storing such sensitive information. In addition, SmartScreen’s technology does away with the need for a lengthy landlord/manager credentialing process and completely eliminates the need for onsite inspections of landlord/manager offices. That’s right: NO ONSITE INSPECTIONS!

If you’re a renter,
we encourage you to read more about how SmartScreen can help protect you during your rental application process.
If you’re a landlord or property manager,
read more to find out how the new SmartScreen system will help you better screen your tenants.