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Clearscreening Services

Searches SSN# database to verify that number is valid and person is living. Zip Code verification automatically fills in appropriate city and state for the zip code entered.
SSN# and Zip Code Verification = FREE!

Tenant Screening:
Receive an easy to read complete credit report and recommendation in seconds. Every report comes with a complete credit history on each applicant including payment history, reported judgements collection and public records.
Credit Report (View Sample Credit Report)

Employment Screening:

Don't hire trouble! A large percentage of applicants inflate their previous salary history and responsibilities. Some have financial problems that make them unsuitable as employees in your company. Pre-Employment screening can avoid wasting resources on recruiting, hiring, and training new employees, only to find the hiring decision was based on incomplete or falsified information.
Employment Credit Report

Employment & Resident Verification:
Receive information on your prospective tenant regarding their rental history from previous landlord and verification of their income and employment from their current and previous employers.
Employment & Resident Verification

Criminal Reports:
Nationwide coverage of all 50 states. Our standard criminal report includes 46 states with instant online results. Criminal information for states not online can be found using our manual county criminal or state criminal reports. In addition, we also have a search of the 44 states online including terrorist database and sexual offenders with photographs in 39 states.
Criminal Search (46 states)
(View Sample National Criminal Report)
U.S. Criminal w/ terrorist database & sex offenders (44 states)
(View Sample U.S. Criminal Report)
Nationwide Federal Criminal

Manual County Criminal (1 county)
Manual State Criminal (1 state)

Social Security Reports:
Nationwide search that provides information associated with a social security number, name, addresses, and places of employment.

Eviction Report:
Nationwide eviction report provides information that is not recorded on a credit report.
(View Sample Eviction Report)

eFunds Report:
Provides a debit history of close-for-cause bank accounts, NSF history, and inquiries.

People Search:
Search multiple credit bureau repositories, phone databases, and public record databases with just one product. Locate individuals, their relatives, and their neighbors. Get name, age, date of birth, social security number, current address, current phone number, previous addresses, aliases, and date of death.

Trace Detail Report:
Works in conjunction with the People Search. If the People Search reports a hit, you can select the Trace Detail Report to help fill in the gaps. This report provides an in-depth trace on the individual or address. This offers a great advantage when having difficulty locating an individual.

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