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Now Get FREE Social Security Number and Zip Code Verification with Every Report:
1. Tenant Screening

2. Skip Tracing & Collections

Our 2 Bureau Credit Header Search looks at multiple credit bureaus for information contained in headers, such as previous addresses, social security number, etc. This report gives more information than traditional credit bureau header searches (i.e. social searches).

People Search:
Our People Search examines over 100 data sources at a fraction of the cost of conventional skip tracing products. From this search a Trace Detail report can be requested to give even greater detail of verified and non-verified addresses, associates, neighbors, neighborhood and relatives. Our people search report should be used as your primary search for skip tracing.

Trace Detail:
When you find only traces of an individual using our People Search report or traditional skip tracing products, the Trace Detail report helps fill in the gaps. Provides an in-depth trace on the individual or address. Our Trace Detail report is a great report to run when having difficulty locating an individual.

Driver's License Search:
Our Driver's License search quickly searches multiple DVM databases for the most reliable address information. Because address information is usually updated when a license expires, this is a great search for hard-to-find individuals. It may be beneficial to try our Driver's License Search around an individual's birthday when other searches have failed.

eFunds Debit Report:
Our eFunds Debit Report can be used as a primary or secondary skip tracing search. We search data on-file from the entire banking industry which provides contact information that other sources may fail. This is the second most popular search for those in the collection industry.

Bankruptcy Search:
A bankruptcy search is important to determining the status of an individual's assets and/or court proceedings. Contacting a debtor who has filed bankruptcy resulting in an automatic stay could get you into legal trouble. This offense against the bankruptcy code is often punishable by a fine. The information returned by our Bankruptcy Search can be used to request a Bankruptcy Report, which is beneficial when determining the bankruptcy estate, claims, discharges, unscheduled debts, and overall equity. Unscheduled debts may still be collectable even when an automatic stay has been issued.

Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments:
Our Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments report should be used as part of your overall package for locating hard-to-find individuals. This database often yields results where many other public record specific databases fail.

Motor Vehicle Search:
Our Motor Vehicle Search should be used as an additional search for locating an individual. Searches information for both driver's licenses and tags and provides the most up-to-date address available.

MVR Driver Records:
Our MVR Driver Records search is very useful when trying to locate a debtor. This information is up-to-date and usually can provide results when other skip tracing products fail.

Property Search:
Our Property Search can be requested for two different reasons. It can be used as an additional means for locating an individual or associates, or it can be used to determine the assets of an individual. This is very helpful for impending litigation or trying to determine the likelihood of repayment.

UCC Search:
Our UCC Search is based on Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing, a practice adopted by all states to govern commercial transactions. The UCC filings returned in our search are usually liens between individuals and businesses (i.e. mortgages, equipment, vehicles, etc.).

Civil High Court County Report:
Our Civil High Court County Report provides records on any non-criminal litigation. This is great for finding individuals where other skip tracing products have failed.

Super Phone Search:
Our Super Phone Search should be your primary search for finding an individual's current phone number. We search multiple phone databases to cover multiple listings and offer the best chance of a direct match.

Reverse Phone Lookup:
Our Reverse Phone Lookup is a quick way to find out who is behind a phone number. This national product searches multiple databases to return matching individuals or businesses.

Debt Collection Service:
When you have exhausted your internal collections resources, including the reports listed above, let us help you collect your unpaid funds through our debt collection service. As a ClearScreening customer, you have the option of entering your unpaid accounts online, importing a file, or sending a batch file for upload. Through your account you will have access to standard and customizable reports, be able to verify balances and account activity online, report direct payments you receive from the customer, and receive notification of payments made through our debt collection efforts. We also report uncollected balances back to the credit bureaus. Fees charged only when there are collected results (plus a small processing fee for each collections item).

To add our Debt Collections Service to your existing Clear Screening account, please print, complete, sign, and fax our Collections Agreement to our Membership Department at 949-215-0181. Please be sure to include the account name or userid with the completed agreement.

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