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Tenant Screening with SmartScreen

As a landlord, owner or property manager, it is in your best interest to lease property to a responsible tenant. A responsible tenant will treat your property respectfully and pay their rent consistently over the life of the lease agreement. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your investment and your income are both protected. To minimize the risk of renting to a bad tenant, landlords and property managers must screen all applicants. Once you’ve set the standards for which your applicant should meet, SmartScreen can help you gather all the information needed to evaluate your potential tenants. Through credit checks and criminal background checks...Read More.

Credit Checks for Landlords with SmartScreen

Credit checks for landlords play an important role in the tenant screening process. A landlord’s goal is to enter into a rental agreement with a responsible tenant who will consistently pay their rent for a certain period of time. In order to find a great tenant, landlords will set criteria that a potential tenant needs to meet. Credit checks have become the norm...Read More.

Tenant Background Check with SmartScreen

It’s essential for landlords and property managers to request a tenant background check for prospective tenants. In order to protect rental income and property, landlords must find tenants who will occupy the property responsibly. This means the tenant must pay their agreed rent each month and treat the premises in a respectful manner. You can avoid the headaches and lost income from evictions and nonpayment by obtaining a tenant background check...Read More.